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TS-250S Cylinderical Screen Printing Machine

Cylinderical Screen Printing Machine ideal for printing on bottles, tubes, jars, closures, etc.

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Princessa Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is a comprehensive company which integrates development, production, marketing, trade and e-commerce. It has various divisions including the Printing, Cosmetics, Trade

Printing machines and equipment

We are leading supplier of printing solutions to the organizations worldwide including hot stamping, screen printing, pad printing, special printing machines. To find out how we can help you can get the right printing solution for your requirement, select any one of the following:

Hot Stamping Machines
hot stamping machine
Hot Stamping Machine

Princessa offers hot stamping, embossing and heat transfer machine for the industrial and graphic applications. We cater to a wide variety of industrial and graphical applications. We offer manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic hot stamping. We offer hot stamping machines from smaller sizes like 2"x3" to large sizes like 16"x20" with printing on paper, plastic, cardboard, leather, coated wood, coated metal and on various surfaces like flat, cylindeical, square, hexagonal, oval for wide applications in the cosmetics, printing, consumer durables, leather and hosiery, gifts and decoration and many other industrial applications.

Pad Printing Machines
pad printing machine
Pad Printing Machine

Princessa offers pad printing (also know as tampon printing) machines from 1 to 6 colors with printing diameter from 90 mm ~ 250 mm, with the options of shuttle and conveyors for industrial printing on plastic, metal, rubber, ceramic and various other items for a wide variety of of uses in the consumer durables, ceramic glasses, jars and containers, metal items and various other industrial applications.

Screen Printing Machines
screen printing machine
Screen Printing Machine

Princessa offers screen printing (also know as silk screen printing) machines for both industrial and graphical applications. We offer semi-auto screen printing machines, fully auto screen printing machines for printing on flat, cylinderical, round, oval and typical shaped items. These machines find applications in various industries from cosmetics, consumer durables, gifts and decoration, glass bottles and jars, shoes and footwear and many more industries.

For the graphical applications we offer flat screen printing machines from A4 size (8"x11") to A3 (10"x14") to large format screen printing machines (24"x32") with the options of vacuum tables.

We also offer screen printing ancillary machines like UV dryer oven, flame treatment machines, screen tension machines, UV exposure units, etc.

Special Printing Machines
special printing machine
Special Printing Machine

Princessa offers special purpose printing machines which are specially designed for special printing applications like printing of envelopes, tags, post cards, scratch off foil cards, hot stamping on plastic cards, personal cards, etc.

Cosmetics filling machines and equipment

We are leading supplier of semi-automatic and automatic cosmetic filling machines for lipsticks, eye liner, lip liner, eyebrow, lip gloss, jelly. To find out how we can help you can increase your production and efficency, select any one of the following:

Cosmetics filling machine
cosmetics filling machine,lipstick filling,
Cosmetics Filling

Princessa offers cosmetics filling machine for filling of cosmetics and beauty products like filling of pen type and normal lipstick, tray type lipstick, compact, lipliner, eyeliner, mascara, creams, jellys, gels, shaving cream, etc. We also offer machines that are used to fill liquids at specific temperatures like creams and gels. We also offer pressured filling machine for filling up of the viscous liquids. We also offer fully automatic filling plants and solutions.